Conference system, Situation Center

Conference system, Situation Center

The generalized concept of a conference room means a room for public events, equipped with special equipment, which should provide maximum comfort for all users.. The degree of manufacturability of the conference room depends on the size of the room and its target orientation. Our company has considerable experience in the implementation of such projects, and is ready to solve any task set for it. We can offer the customer an individual solution, built on his requirements and the specifics of the room.

Reservation system

Allows book a room intended for public events.


Manage all technical means through one remote.

  • -Management of the hall sound system;
  • -Opening or closing curtains,
  • -Room temperature adjustment,
  • -Lighting control, etc.

Education system

Smart Tools teaching and learning; Interactive whiteboard; Distance learning.

Audio-video switching

A set of devices and equipment, allowing to tie into one integer signal sources and their recipients.

The situational center is a premise intended for the operative making of management decisions, as well as for the control of various kinds of objects and events. Situational centers are equipped with the latest communication tools: equipment for interactive presentation of information. The tools used in situational centers provide an opportunity to visually display huge amounts of information on the basis of which decisions are made and communicated to the performers. Our company is ready to offer its customers the creation of a situational center for the specific tasks of the customer with the most modern equipment of leading brands. We will solve this problem as soon as possible by equipping the center with all the necessary equipment of the highest quality.

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