Building management system

Building management system

Building Management System - BMS or Automated Building Management System is designed to automate processes and operations that are implemented in modern buildings.

BMS implies coordinated work of the heating and air-conditioning system, as well as control of factors affecting the need to enable or disable these systems.

Smartek offers building automation systems, equipment supply, installation, commissioning and technical support for building automation systems and automation equipment.


Monitoring and control system for heating, ventilation and air conditioning;

Water supply system

Monitoring and control of the boiler room and the water supply system to the building.

Integration with elevators

  • Condition monitoring
  • Location monitoring

Mechanical control

  • Office curtains, windows
  • Roller shutter control garage doors and barriers

Energy Management

  • Lighting control              
  • Power Equipment Management (Outlets)
  • Facade lighting control
  • Perimeter lighting control
  • Office building control (DMX)      
  • Energy Monitoring

System monitoring Security

  • Fire protection system;
  • BMS;
  • Water leakage control;
  • \Notification system;
  • Video surveillance;
  • Control of domestic gas leakage
  • Perimeter Security
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