IT infrastructure

IT infrastructure

The IT infrastructure of an enterprise is a skeleton, without which the company will not take a step. The success of a business depends on how efficiently the processes within the company and external communication with customers and suppliers are built. Our approach to the organization of IT services is aimed at meeting the needs of the business. IT service management is implemented through the use of an optimal combination of specialists, processes and information technology. Unlike the more traditional technological approach, our company focuses on the client and his needs, as well as on the services provided to the user by information technology, and not on the technology itself.

IP telephony and intercom

Provide two-way audio video connection over IP.

Wired and wireless networks

Professional design of network systems - from telephone to multimedia, from analog to digital - for the full-fledged work of a modern office.


Hardware / software solutions to provide digital interactive services television in the IP network.

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