Despite the rapid development of IT-technologies and the role that they play in the development of any company, telephony remains an important part of modern business. Prompt connection to the enterprise branch offices, customer feedback, search of relevant local information and exchange of information with partners and colleagues are not possible without quality telephony.


It is easy to imagine the potential damage that can be caused by the problems with telephone service. The formula of marketing specialists ‘Missed Call = Missed Customer’ seems fair. In order to avoid such problems, it is necessary to make a careful choice of equipment and telephony configuration. 


Brief information:

IP-telephony - is a set of technologies that deliver voice communication over the Internet or any other IP-based networks. The voice signal is transmitted in a digital form. This type of telephony has become popular since the beginning of the XXI century, with its new features and low cost.

One of Smartek’s profiles includes the services of projection and installation of your phone. Our experts will help you to choose the best solution for your office: the type of ATS and equipment that will be most suitable for meeting your specific needs, etc.


In addition to this, we also provide services for the supply of equipment for telephony. Our partners are serious company that have won a great authority in the international market. These are the giants like Panasonic, HP and CISCO.


Smartek carries out the supply and integration of the following equipment:


1) Digital and analog ATS (equipment of Panasonic)

2) Systems of IP-telephony * (equipment of HP, CISCO)






Smartek offers the most advanced solutions and the most advanced equipment, which helps to overtake competitors for the efficiency of work with information. We provide a one-year warranty on all of our services.