Thanks to an unknown advertiser, advertising is traditionally considered a driver of commerce. However, today, in the realities of the 21st century, information and information technologies that promote the collection, processing, storage and use of this information, surely, drive any business (including commerce).

Relevant infrastructure (let’s take the availability of competent specialists as granted) is needed for an effective work with information. Every business owner faces the following urgent questions in his activity: 


  • the choice of office equipment for work
  • the choice of producer
  • how not to miscalculate in buying equipment or does ‘expensive’ mean ‘better’?


It is impossible to find the right answers to these questions without help in our fast developing technological world. It is necessary to find specialists that will help define the necessary equipment and secure you from unnecessary spending, help you to meet your budget and also not to lose in performance. 


If you are now in search of such specialists, we offer you the IT services of  Smartek

1) Supply of personal computers and laptops (HP) with optimal parameters meeting your requirements. We also provide services for development of local networks

2) Supply of office equipment: printer / scanner / copier / fax machine (manufactured by HP). Installation and configuration of the equipment listed above, change of cartridge, warranty.

3) Supply and integration of network equipment (manufactured by companies HP, CISCO).

4) Supply and integration of servers - e-mail, data storage, etc. (manufactured by HP, IBM).

5) Supply of licensed Microsoft software.