Internet for hotels

Wireless Internet has recently become a mandatory attribute of every public institution in Azerbaijan, which claims to meet international standards. It was prompted by the growing popularity of smartphones and mobile computers - laptops, netbooks, tablet PCs - incorporating WLAN (Wi-Fi). Today we can say with confidence that for the majority of hotel guests - whether business or ordinary tourists – Internet is almost the more important component than television or telephone during their rest. Thus, the availability of Internet access and the quality of the service may well be a determining factor when choosing a hotel.


If you, as a hotel owner, are thinking about the ways to ensure a competitive advantage of your institution in this field, you can use our services. We offer a reliable solution for high-speed Internet access (HSIA – High Speed Internet Access) for hotels, guest houses and motels of all sizes.



Our equipment has the following advantages:


- universality: our solution is adaptive (suitable for any type and size of hotels) and is easily expandable

- easy connection for the end user: a user of your network has no need to install add-on programs on his computer. Connection to the network is possible by entering the access data.

- users’ safety: The network is protected from outside interferences, in addition, the user data is transmitted over an encrypted link that guarantees full security

- provision of free and paid access: you have an opportunity to restrict access to various websites, through charging them. In addition, you can use Internet for advertising purposes - when opening the browser, a user will be redirected to a specific location

- Integration with PMS-systems (Opera, Fidelio, etc. on request).




Smartek offers services of development, introduction and support of solutions to ensure wired and wireless Internet to guest houses and hotel complexes. In some cases introduction of the product takes less than 24 working hours, including the training of your staff. We provide a one-year warranty for this service. In addition, we ensure the full post-guarantee technical support of our customers.