Interior devices


Interior design is like a painting made in a number of strokes. A missed stroke can spoil a masterpiece, while a properly laid stroke creates it. Wiring devices, colloquially, switches, sockets, dimmers, etc are among the strokes that help create masterpieces in interior design.



As the official partner of the Italian producer-world famous VIMAR, Smartek offers a wide range of first-rate equipment which will be ideal for your personal masterpiece. With the producer’s catalogue that includes 5000 items, even the most perfectionist clients will find devices to their taste that will harmonize with the interior of any working or residential space in.




VIMAR has been producing wiring equipment since 1945. The qualities of VIMAR equipment are: 


- safety, thermal security and moisture protection

- reliability

- easy to use

- easy to install

- exquisite design using a wide range of decorative overlays (more than 130 colors and shades) of the most diverse material: natural stone, glass, plastic, wood, metal coated with an insulating insert, plastic coated under the "wet silk"

- a variety of wiring modules: VIMAR catalogues offer not only standard modules, such as sockets, switches, dimmers and buttons, but also special ones: warning, safety, motion and temperature sensors, systems of access, etc.

- a system of soft-action, characterized by particularly soft keystrokes

- production, designed for customers of different income levels:



"Plana" series - for the middle class,
"IDEA" for the rich











and "EIKON" for very rich clients



VIMAR products are certified ISO 9001 which guarantees compliance with the highest quality standards. Smartek ensures the supply and installation of VIMAR equipment. The wiring equipment is installed by specialists that are certified by the Italian producing company. 

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