Installation of cable systems (SCS)


One of the activities of our company is the installation of structured cabling systems. Structured cabling system (SCS) is a communication infrastructure of a building or group of buildings. Simply put, SCS is a set of cables, outlets, patch panels and patch cords used by all low-current systems of the building, such as computer and telephone networks, security systems, television, etc.

Installation of local area networks

Local Area Network (common abbreviations: LAN - Local Area Network) is a necessary attribute of a modern office. It greatly enhances the user’s possibilities and optimizes office operation. Through the LAN, each computer has access to:

●     office peripheral equipment (scanner, printer, etc.)

●     Internet

●     common company information database

In addition, it facilitates employees interaction with each other, date exchange, performance of collective tasks.

All the above save staff time and company resources. Among other things, the use of LAN allows company management to monitor staff performance, assign Internet access rights for the employees, and control their work in global networks.

Note that our experts have experience in installation of LAN of all types and complexity. We provide service of local area network installation, including all stages - from design to final testing and commissioning to the customer.


Telephony is important means of business communication, and its quality is a major criteria for company image evaluation. Nobody likes to wait on the line - each additional attempt to reach, as well as every minute of waiting on line is quite a significant blow to the image of the company.

To ensure that your telephone system worked flawlessly, pay due attention to the issue of its accurate installation. Smartek company offers services on the design and installation of telephone system providing guarantees on the quality of work.

Our experts will prepare you for the detailed system installation project, taking into account your wishes, number of employees and conditions of installation. The next step will be installation process itself, including cable lines, rosettes, crossover equipment. The final step is to connect the terminal equipment and network testing.

Many companies are experiencing difficulties with the telephone during staff expansion. To avoid this, even at the stage of network design, you should take into account the possibility of its scaling.

We need to add that the installation of the telephone network is often performed simultaneously with the installation of the LAN. Using a common cable routes simplifies the task for professionals, and its more convenient for the customer to work with one contractor.

Other cable systems

In addition to the design and installation of cable systems described above, we also offer services on creating a cabling infrastructure for the following networks:

- TV


- The system of distribution of audio / video content

- Fire alarm system

- Access control and other security systems

For all our services we provide warranty and, of course, provide after-sales maintenance.