“Magic mirror”

“Sehirli güzgü”In the West, knowhow commonly called “magic miracle” is getting very popular. Very often this interesting technology can be met in business centers, entertainment and shopping centers. At first glance, there is nothing magic in this “magic mirror”. Its common – though of a very high quality – mirror, which is located where the presence of mirror is justified by interior design requirements. However, if you activate it pressing the key on the controller, the mirror (the whole, or certain part of it) will turn into LCD screen with perfect image quality.

Today the installation of this useful and very efficient miracle mirror can be ordered in Baku – in Smartek company.

Functional characteristics

“Magic mirror” has reliable structure. TV panel is mounted into the wall (floor, ceiling-anywhere), and then by means of powerful magnets, by the patented clamping system, the mirror is attached. TV is enclosed into special cover, protecting it from moisture and having high resistance.



“Sehirli güzgü”


Channel and TV settings are switched by remote controller which is operated by radio frequencies (as opposed to regular infrared controllers). That’s why the signals are passing through the mirror.


“Mirror TV” can be connected with almost any video signal source. It can be DVD player with your promotion videos, technological TV cameras or IPTV. As a rule “magic mirrors” are installed in elevators, exhibition center bathrooms, and also sport, entertainment and shopping centers, in bathroom of hotel luxury rooms, halls of celebration houses, hotels and restaurants.






Note that unique TV with hyper thin display can be embedded not only into mirrors, but also into the glass. It significantly expand the scope of application of “magic mirrors”, as glass is used in interior design more often than mirrors.  F.e. if you own a restaurant or boutique, you can turn the half of show window into TV. Demostration of bright promotional videos or excellent quality will attract the attention of potential customers, passing by.






We can think of so many ways of “magic mirror” use with maximum efficiency, to impress your customers. Our specialists are always ready to assist you with defining the ideas and turning them true. Fortunately, technically “magic mirror” is capable for realizing any creative imagination.