Climate control

Climate controlOne of the most important factors that can seriously affect the quality of work and leisure, is the climate. There are certain temperature norms recommended by the sanitary services for restaurants, hotels, office buildings, shops, schools, theaters, etc. On average, the temperature should be +20-24 degrees Celsius. The same applies to the air humidity in the rooms. Abnormalities can cause distraction, drowsiness, irritability.

Moreover, as to regulatory documents, there is a significant difference between the microclimate in the office and ancillary facilities. Its extremely troublesome, and in some cases - when it comes to large objects - not feasible to adjust the settings manually for each room. Its much expedient to automate ventilation and air conditioning systems and our specialists are ready to help you with it.


The choice of air conditioning system

To get started, you’ll need to determine suitable air-conditioning system that can fully heat all the facilities of the building in winter and cool in summer. This may be a chiller-fan coil and cassette, ducted, floor-ceiling and wall air conditioners. Each of these conditioning methods has its advantages. To find the one that suits you best, it is necessary to contact the experts.

It is not recommended to solve such problems on your own, as each air-conditioning type has its own specifics due to diversity of the facilities. Workshops and laboratories, auditoriums and meeting rooms, kitchens and studies, auxiliary rooms and halls – when designing cooling / heating and ventilation systems you should take into account the peculiarity of each type of accommodation.

Climate control


Smart control

Smartek offers a system of automatic air conditioning system control, which will always maintain almost ideal microclimate in your company building.

In automatic mode, sensors installed in all areas of the building are “responsible” for correction of microclimate - temperature, humidity and dust. In case of excess of pre-programmed norms, they send a notice to the signal processing device. The device compares received parameters with the “standard” and makes necessary adjustments to the unit operation.

Of course, the system also supports manual control. With the wall controller or a central control panel, you can easily change the temperature regimes throughout the building or individual rooms. Note that this is option – equipment control - can be realized via Internet or custom application for your smartphone or Apple products- iPhone and the iPad. Remote control option is frequently used in small offices and restaurants.

In addition, "smart" system of climate control can automatically turn on and autoregulate by the days of the week and time of the day. If configured, the system will bring all parameters - humidity, temperature, air purity, up to "standard work" mode by the start of working hours, and up to “non-working” norm by the end.