The company JBL, specializing on production of high class acoustic systems and electronics was founded in 1946 by James Bullough Lansing.

Lansing’s first project was a series of speaker headers and following elements, designed for cinema and home use. After some time, the company created its best model of loudspeakers – D130. The model had stunning success and remained popular for more than half century.

At the end of 1949 the company owner changed. New owner was Bill Thomas, former vise-president of the company. He managed to enhance the image of the brand to new level. Within 20 years of ruling the company, Bill Thomas enlarged the market and increased the production. For these years, the company gained the reputation of manufacturer of high quality acoustic systems for home use. The greatest popularity was earned by 2 line of the company – “Hartsfield” and “Paragon”.

In 1969 the company was purchased by Sidney Harman from “Jervis Corporation”, and a year later JBL started production of acoustic system L-100 which has great commercial success, and also a number of professional “monitors” for audio recording studios. After some time, for support of these 2 different sectors the following divisions were created – “JBL Consumer” and “JBL Professional”. The first one is dealing with production of “household” equipment, while the second one – with professional.

Let’s add, that JBL products are loved by concert and music festival organizers. Company research underlay the TNX standard, which is used for dubbing in home cinema systems.

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