For investors

Market of high-technologiesPrimary objective of Smartek is promotion of "smart" technologies in Azerbaijan. Unfortunately, the level of enlightenment on this subject is still very low, despite the fact that the President of the country, Mr. Ilham Aliyev has announced the development of high technology as a priority on the national scale.

We regularly take part in exhibitions - both in this country and abroad – participate in discussions on forums and social networks, trying to bring our Credo to the greatest possible number of people. However, the resources of one company is not enough, so we'll be glad to get offers to support from people who believe that the future will be for the high-tech, and convinced that Azerbaijan should catch up and develop rapidly in this direction..

Today the market of high-technologies offers a wide range of universal solutions - for the towns and villages, for the plants and farms, schools and medical facilities. But even in Baku, in the majority of business centers, hospitals, universities, etc. people still use morally and physically obsolete equipment, which is less reliable, less cost efficient and less secure. In addition, it causes a serious blow to the image of our capital and the country as a whole.

If you agree with our position and would like to invest in such forward-looking, relevant and useful areas as high technology, contact us via the Contacts page. We will consider all your suggestions and we can acquaint you with our special offer package for investors.